Religious Education for Our Children & Youth

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Our Religious Education program is small, but growing. We have two classes, one for smaller children and one for those in middle and high school.
  • Grades Up to 4th: offered on first and third Sundays. Childcare is offered on other Sundays. 
  • Grades 5th & Up: Every 1st through 4th Sunday of the month.
Two teachers are present at each class. The focus is a search for what is right and true. The children learn not only about Unitarianism but about all religions of the world. The precepts for our program are spelled out below.
Our RE Coordinator is David Bailey. Please contact him with questions or for additional information.
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Religious Education for Adults

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Our Adult RE class frequently meets once per month to discuss a book - especially related to social justice subjects.

When the group is meeting you will find that information in our monthly newsletter. A link to that can be found on our HOME page.

Guidelines for Religious Education at UUCG

In Religious Education, we think we can help you add something to your children's lives. We want to help you give your children a grounding in a wonderful liberal religion. The RE curriculum at Unitarian Universalists of Coastal Georgia emphasizes the Unitarian Universalist principles of:

  • The importance of each and every person.

  • The fair and kind treatment of all people.

  • The acceptance of one another through learning together.

  • The freedom to search for what is right and true in life.

  • Voting about the things that concern us.

  • Working for a peaceful, fair and free world. 

  • Caring for our planet earth.

These ideas come from many places:

  • The sense of wonder we all share.

  • Women and men of long ago whose lives remind us to be kind.

  • Ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world's religions.

  • Jewish and Christian teachings which tell us to love all others as
    we love ourselves.

  • The use of reason and the discoveries of science.

  • The harmony of nature and the sacred circle of life