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In 1996, a group of like-thinking residents of St. Simons Island incorporated the Fellowship that has become Unitarian Universalists of Coastal Georgia. The Fellowship met in various members homes at first. Later, they met in various halls or restaurants. The old Post Office building on St. Simons was home for several years. Shortly before that building was demolished, the group, hoping to reach a larger audience, voted to move to Brunswick.


From 2004-2008, UUCG met at the Ritz Theatre in downtown Brunswick. With membership growing, the Fellowship decided it was time to find a place of its own. In 2006, it purchased property on H and Norwich Streets near the old Court House in Brunswick. After hiring an architect and debating plans for this new building, another opportunity arose, and the congregation reacted rapidly. An existing building, a five-year-old former lawyer's office, was purchased, and soon after a contractor was hired and modifications were begun to make it more churchlike. The congregation moved into this building in November, 2008.


For the first several years, the Fellowship met without a minister. Guest speakers and members of the congregation provided the Sunday services. In 2001, the Rev. William R. Phillips, a Methodist minister and retired psychotherapist, was hired on a part-time basis. He led the fellowship until he retired in 2010. Upon Rev. Phillips' retirement, Rev. Lynne Garner served as minister from September 2011 to July 2014.


Beginning in September 2014, Rev. Dr. Jane Page became UUCG's half-time minister and Rev. Bill Phillips began serving as Pastor Emeritus for UUCG. On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. an installation service was held to officially "call" Rev. Dr. Jane Page to be the residing half-time minister for UUCG.




In loving memory of
Rev. William (Bill) R. Phillips

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May 21, 1938-December 30, 2023

History of Unitarianism


UU History for You & You

By Is Rapoport, UUCG Founding Member (deceased)


Unitarian Universalism has a long and interesting history. We could begin with the so-called Arian heresy that was widespread in the late Roman Empire, in the fourth century. Bishop Arius of Alexandria who forumulated this doctrine denied that God the Son was equal to God the father. Arius stated that the divine essence was "One", i.e. Unitarianism. This doctrince was condemed at the Council of Nicaea in 325 a.d. From this council we also received the "Nicene Creed" (Trinitarianism) the basis for orthodox Christianity. Despite this condemnation the Arian heresy lasted for some time before dying out as an organized movement. Arianism, as the Council stated, was seen as an intrusion of, "pagan rationalism." After all, who would want a rational religion?


Read more writings from Is Rapoport by clicking links below:


"How You Became a You You"

"Unitarianism in Europe"

"Nineteenth Century Unitarianism in the South"

These papers about the history of Unitarianism were written by UUCG founding member, Israel Rapoport. 


"Is Rapoport was a gentle man and a scholar. He taught history with passion and humor. Is was an 'old soul' full of wit and wisdom. He truly believed that the truth will set us free."
                             Rev. Bill Phillips

Remembering Shawn Murphy...

As many know, Shawn Murphy graced UUCG with her presence every winter since the Ritz Theater days. Her passing in December 2015 at her Pennsylvania home saddened all who knew her. On January 3, 2016, Rev. Bill Phillips honored Shawn by delivering a message that she had brought to us in March of 2014.  Several people asked to have her words shared with all.

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